Keep reading to have all your Breech bake sale questions answered!

What the heck is going on here?
Nobody is absolutely sure, but there are definitely baked goods involved. Visit our PRESS page for more news articles about the bake sales and our STORY page for some bake sale first person encounters.

Who or what is this "Breech", anyway?
Breech is an L.A.-based rock and roll band just trying to make an honest living. We have 4 cds, done extensive touring, appeared on tv, a web site (, and much more to come, if you'd only buy some baked goods....

Why would a rock band have a bake sale?
There are many possible answers for this, the most important being: The Togetherness of Food. That indescribable magic of a community coming together to produce delicious home-made baked foods - it just feels good to buy & eat hand-made delicacies in the age of automated mass-produced preservative-laced cuisine. Also, we financed the recording of our first full-length cd with our bake sales.

Where and when will this bake sale be held?
Breech has held a series of bake sales over the last couple of years and we will be holding more very soon. We have been and will be seen outside of various venues around the L.A. area, hawking our delicious treats to the patrons of those venues. Info regarding the upcoming Breech bake sales can be found on this very website.

How can I participate in this unlikely event?
There are a number of ways:
1) Buy something yummy from us!
2) Join our baking community yourself, and bake some of your favorite treats* to be included in an upcoming Bake Sale. Contact us to arrange for pickup (in the L.A. area)
3) Share your favorite recipes with us (via email, regular mail, or voice mail [see below]) The best recipes may be included in the upcoming Breech Rock 'N Roll Cookbook.

*Anyone submitting baked goods will be entered into a drawing to win a snazzy Breech Apron!

How can I contact Breech?

Voice mail: (213) 694-2590.

P.O. Box 461957
Los Angeles, CA 90046
Attn: Breech Bake Sale

The Breech bake sale crew with their famous bread and infamous bake sale aprons. Order your very own apron from our MERCHANDISE page.

We would like to introduce you to Madeline, a Junior Guerilla baker who sells cookies at mountain bike races to the dizzy, unsuspecting glycogen-deprived racers and has made a few hundred dollars doing this. The bake sales live on.