We are proud to have worked with some amazing musicians over the years.


Played GUITAR with Breech and Paddy's Pig


Played DRUMS with Breech


Played BASS with Breech


Played BASS with Breech
We worked with Ian for a year and are proud to have his bass work on the upcoming Breech album. He's led a colorful life and has lived all over the U.S., but last year the great tundra of Sweden beckoned, and he's getting an education in mountaineering there now.


Played ACCORDION and KEYBOARD with Breech
Missy and Joe worked together for 7 years collaborating on some great music. Joe's favorite beverage was Milk and in an incident in Wyandotte, Michigan he gained the nickname Bad Milk Joe. We wish him well.


Played BASS with Breech
Missy originally knew Hal from the Midwest where their 2 bands would share bills on occasion. Hal was in the Cleveland based Coltrane Wreck-an awesome band. Rumor has it that Missy once stole their drummer, but we'll let by gones be by gones! Hal has his own La based band called The DL Fiddlers. They don't have a website yet, but check them out if you see the name! Hal also continues to play guitar & Bucket bass in Paddy's Pig with Mike & Missy.


Played BASS with Breech
The Guy loved hot dogs, smoking, coffee & hot young chicks. He was a heck of a musician, in fact a Berkley graduate. He's a famous composer. You may have heard his work on the famed CBS 9-11 TV special. He's been seen in drag playing with GFE & has also been known to sit in with The DL Fiddlers (Hal's band).


Played GUITAR with Breech
Philip was rockin' No one could do the "slipper dance" like this guy! Missy & Philip actually moved to LA to pursue BREECH together in 1996. They wrote lots of songs together some of which are included on the self titled Breech EP, released in 1999. Philip currently resides in NYC, but we hear he's fixin' to be bi-coastal. Has his own band, Cobra Libre very awesome! You can also purchase his album from Artist Direct.


Played BASS with Breech
Dave was a humanitarian & felt torn between that & Rock-N-Roll. Seems to me he made the right choice. Before he joined Breech he had spent time in the Peace corps & was actually in Afganistan, helping to deliver medical aide when all hell broke lose on 9-11. We're happy to report he made it home safely. He is currently a scholar residing in Maryland. He co-wrote "List of Kisses" on The Apron Strings CD.


Missy actually started Breech as a duo with Thomas Trimble way back when in Detroit Rock City. Thomas is quite a talent. Do check out his band American Mars.

Thank you, I'm very grateful to all of you who were kind enough to lend your time & talent to Breech at one time or another. I'm unfortunately not in touch with everyone, but here's a few folks I had the honor of playing with.

Autumn Dunbar-cello
Cole Iler-Drums & Guitar
Jude Closson-Drums & Guitar
Dion Sullivan- Guitar
Bill McCallister-Guitar
Bob McCreedy-Guitar

If you'd like to e-mail me some info on you to be included on this page, please do so.