BREECH, NELLIE BLY, or Paddy's Pig would like nothing more than to book a performance in your very own living room! It's EASY! Just ask us. E-mail us & let us know if you're interested. Perhaps some of you remember we even auctioned off a BREECH living room show on eBay a few years back. In the end the Vegas architect was fighting tooth & nail against The San Diegan Navy Pilots!

Living Room shows are informal concerts, usually in people's homes, where you can invite whoever you'd like to partake in your very own intimate BREECH concert! Its a great way to bring BREECH to your town even if we weren't planning on coming-or it's a great way to snag us on our night off, while touring through your area.


The space, your folks & some grub.

Be creative- the performance can take place in your living room, your backyard or porch, even a local community center or meeting space, how about the office even??

$5-$15 suggested donation at the door per person or sell tickets beforehand or at the door or we may just play for tips & CD sales if a door fee is not an option & depending on our dire needs!- we can also agree on a negotiable, affordable, flat-fee.

If you'd like to let us crash on your living room floor afterwards, well that would be just swell--but not entirely necessary. We promise not to stain your carpets nor leave any litter. We're truly nice kids!

A cozy, intimate 1- 2+ hour performance. We can play electric or acoustic, with mics or without-your choice! We can play as quietly as need be or bust the Rock-and-roll so your neighbors complain-YOUR CHOICE!

A plethora of Breech merchandise there at your very purchasing disposal! CDs, Shirts, Aprons, spatulas & Free stickers & matches! Heck we'll even provide a fashion show of our BREECH wares, if you'd like.