The Bitch Of Buchanwald

Let's see . . . rumors, gossip, etc. Ok---It's rumored our bass player, Dave likes to wear women's under garments . . . It's true & that's not all!  Here are some highlights from our Detroit excursion:

"Bad Milk Joe" . . . you may ask where he got such a name?? It all started at a Taco Bell in Wyandotte, Michigan. Joe was jonesing for some cold milk. I was driving. Joe was in the way back of our rent-a-wreck mini van, when I heard a fowl sound, a cross between vomiting, cursing & satan. That's right, Joe had taken a swig of some BAD fucking milk!!! HE insisted that he had just ingested paint thinner! Boy did he let Taco Bell have it!! & Country Fresh Milk (my ass!), forget about it!!!! Joe actually saved the milk carton & informed all that he was promptly taking it to a lab, to identify the poison. He seems to have recovered ok . . . but to us he will always be, "Bad Milk Joe".

Breech stayed with Missy's Dad & his wife . . . rumor has it that they were sent off to the studio each day with assorted sandwiches & delicacies including, pickled eggs & salmon salad . . . musician staples!!!! (not very rock & roll).

Also rumor has it that Missy's Dad had a talk with Missy & asked her to tell "the boys" to make sure they wore some type of slippers to the breakfast table . . . that bare feet, were just DIRTY!!!

Missy's Dad told her that she was "The Bitch Of Buchanwald", for waking those poor boys up so early to go to the studio.

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