Breech and Ed McMahon
Thanks very much for joining us , on the PAX Channel for Ed McMahon's Next Big Star on, Dec 30th & Jan 6th .You know as far as Breech is concerned, you are all STARS in our eyes & we mean that-each & every one of you. Click here & you'll find exclusive Breech footage from our 1st national Television show appearance in fabulous Las Vegas!

Round #1 Aired: December 30, 2001 Thanx for watching. I'm sure you saw for yourselves that Mr. Ed Mc Mahon is a man of fine taste, fancy suits & foxy cohorts. We were pleased as punch to be part of national television's most highly acclaimed talent search & heck we won! Tune in next week to catch Valeria's latest look & to see BREECH back on stage for another exciting round!! We MUST win that Dodge Durango or there will be hell to pay!

Round #2 Aired: January 6, 2002 Despite our defeat & the humiliation of having to ride the Ed McMahon "loser bus" back to the MGM Grand, I'd say We learned a lot. For example "When you're hot-you're hot & when you're not-yes, that's right folks-YOU'RE NOT!! We also learned to take as many free snacks as possible while the gettin' is good. Once you lose, you'll never be invited back stage again to partake in "The Next Big Star" infamous snack drawers. In fact no one will let you back stage at all. . . because you've already been forgotten. Are we bitter? No. . . we just want to know who won the Dodge Durango. . . so we can congratulate them.


Coming soon for viewing: Part 2 Behind The Scenes video footage & both rounds of "Next Big Star"

Check out the video from our day with Ed and Valeria. . .

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