Promoter From Hell

We must apologize for canceling our show at The Shack last week. Bad Milk Joe has been kind enough to encapsulate the night's happenings in his own words....

Last Wednesday night, we drove into the parking lot of The Shack for our show. The first person we laid eyes on was the club's promoter and her ratpack. There she was, stalking and hunting down each band as they drove into the parking lot, asking how many people each band expected to bring in that night. Glaring through her cokebottle lenses, she snarled, "If you don't bring in at least 12 people, you can't play!"

In our experience, such "conditions" are negotiated long before a band packs all its gear and drives through hours of traffic. Unaccustomed to such parking lot tactics, we gathered around this "unnamed" promoter in a semi circle to listen to her schpiel. On principle & also afraid we might only draw 11 people & be forced to pack it up, we opted not to play. Just then, the drummer for the band that had just finished setting up their equipment on stage (now forced to break down their gear because they hadn't yet drawn 12 people), stormed out of the club (drumsticks in hand) shouting, "we felt sorry for you at the last show. It's not our fault it's flu season! We drove all the way here from Hemet! You're goin' down the drain, he threatened."

At this point, Missy calmly turned to the promoter and politely asked, "Umm ... do you think we could at least give us some gas money for driving down here?" She generously offered up $10, from her own pocket, for our troubles. Missy wished her luck with all her future endeavors...

We later learned that none of the bands scheduled to perform that night ever got to play...sadly,they were all told to go home. We also learned that Breech did have a few fans show up, long after we left. Apparently they were told that none of the bands showed up, so the Shack closed early...Now that just ain't true. Now you know the REAL scoop. Last show we do with her-Yikes! SORRY bout' that. At least we're $10 richer!

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