Toledo was elusive. We got lost in Perrysburg for the in-store, lost between Perrysburg and Toledo, lost in Toledo looking for Tony Packo's Pickles and Peppers, and lost leaving Toledo in the wee hours. Mental note: bring better maps. Or, alternately, bring a better navigator.

Perhaps this lack of direction made us turn evil (it's what my ma always warned me might happen), but our law-breaking ways were indeed running rampant that night. At Tony Packo's we secretly mounted an 8 x 10 Breech photo on the wall amidst scores of other celebrity photos and hightailed it out of there before they arrested us. Then, and later, we did a good deal of jaywalking. Then, after doing a show with the notorious and amazing Gone Daddy Finch, we were pulled over just outside of town by a very uptight middle-aged plainclothed cop (wearing a lovely tropical-print golf shirt) hungry for a Breech showdown. He described our untimely deaths due to the taillights being out on our sweet rent-a-van, and, additionally, our likely arrest if we didn't fix them immediately (it was 3 a.m.). He puffed up his chest and sucked in his gut and looked stern, but he told us he couldn't arrest us or give us a ticket, but he could CALL someone who could. See, even HE feared evil Breech. Minutes later, after a heart-felt parting with The Man, we found ourselves at a brightly-lit gas station that was mysteriously closed, no employees around, everything locked, but with a ton of easily-removed auto supplies sitting out for anyone to take. In this photo, is Missy "just pretending"? You decide.

Thankfully we got back to Detroit that night before we could inflict any more havoc.

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