The Lord Litter radio show placed BREECH on his set list for April 2003.

Suffice to say that he is one of the most important personalities in the underground scene this side of John Peel. -GetRhythm , U.K.

Europe's best radio program that side of John Peel -Shut-Ups-Website, USA

Lord Litter ... has earned the reputation for producing and delivering what is arguably one of the world's best independent music programs ... an elegant demonstration of critical mass. Since the late 1980s, Litter has known the pulse of independent music, and today, indie musicians from all over the planet know that his program is one of the ultimate destinations for their music. They make the music, he plays it, and we get to listen to some of the most original, freshest new tunes available anywhere ... we hear the unusual, the intelligent, the amazing... The absolute evidence that there is far more talent and creativity out there than the major labels in the world would want you to know about. -Indieport.com info , USA

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PLAYLIST April 2003

1. Mu-Kau: loose threads - CD single - Fortune and Glory Rec. U.K. - http://www.fortuneandglory.co.uk - hendricks@fortuneandglory.co.uk

2. Mark Austin Band: Don't be scared - CD: Cosmic Trigger - Mark Austin Rec. USA - http://www.creativityinmusic.com - npsfunk@aol.com

3. Mighty Sam McClain: The other man in the band - CD: One more bridge to cross - Mighty Music USA - http://www.mightysam.com - mightysam@attbi.com

4. The Preacher and the Devil: The Preacher and the Devil - from forthcomming EP - Beckeresque Music USA - http://www.beckermusic.com/saintsanddevils.html - beckermusic@yahoo.com

5. Damask: Come to me (critical condition mix) - CD: Lagos Tunnel - Modizel Rec. USA - http://www.damask1.com - damask@damask1.com

6. Pharaoh's Daughter: track 12 - CD: Exile - Knitting Factory Rec. USA - http://www.pharaohsdaughter.com - baysa@ultinet.net

7. Breech: Easy Bake

8. Breech: Sachet from CD: Apron Strings - Ru Rec. USA - http://www.breech.net - missbreech@aol.com

9. Pesky: Coming True - CD: An efford to do good - Closed System Rec. USA - http://www.closed-system.com - brandi@closed-system.com

10. James Moore: Winnebago - CD: Firefly - Burning Cupid Rec. Canada - http://www.jamesmoore.net - info@jamesmoore.net

11. K. Ragnstam: Twenty-Four Hours - Single: Perfect Vacation - Anderson rec. Sweden - http://www.ragnstam.com - k@ragnstam.com

12. Geoff Pearlman: Shine - CD: Anything at all - EWM Rec/Easy Walkers Music USA - http://www.geoffpearlman.com - geoffpearlman@earthlink.net

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