Meet Jonny Houlton

Jonny Houlton drives a variety of race cars all over the U.S. and Canada, and currently has generously donated some of his open car space on several of them to Breech! The races get a great deal of T.V. exposure on SPEED T.V. and ESPN, some network coverage, and a good deal of time internationally on the BBC, ITV (Britain) as well as French, German and Italian sport networks. In addition to T.V. they get a lot of print media and internet activity. This is road racing, not NASCAR-style circle-track stuff. They compete at several California tracks throughout the year.

Breech first met Jonny at one of our bake sales outside Spaceland in Silverlake at a Rilo Kiley show in the summer of 2000. Jonny will also be playing Breech music in the paddock area, which is the fan accessible race-car parking, autograph signing, T.V. interview area etc. They often have 75,000 to 100,000 spectators across a weekend!

The two cars are both what are known as "sports racers". The yellow and black car is a Bobsy SR-3 they run in vintage/historic events. They call it the "Giant Bee", and kids love it. The Black car is a Legrand Spyder, is a considerably more evil ride, and much faster.

Check out these photos!!


Here is a quicktime movie of Jonny racing!


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