Milk: A Controversial Beverage

You can never even imagine how controversial a Bake Sale in the city of Los Angeles really can be. Not only the sales themselves but the milk. I have never been met with colder stares than those returned upon my asking "would you like a free cup of milk with that $3.00 purchase?" As if the 7 cups of sugar, 4lbs. of butter & 3 dozen eggs which they are about to consume doesn't matter. If I'm lucky the question is returned with a simple "I don't drink milk." If I'm unlucky the explanation can go on forever... kind of like this e-mail. Bottom line is, We don't give a rats ass about your non milk ways!!

Ok...Next.Yes, Breech was kicked out of The Radiohead show at the Greek Theater. We got a little over confident & set up right in front. We had just about finished setting up when a lovely woman named Jackie, with a mullet & lots of keys, explained to us that we were in fact "Breaking The Law." Imagine that? As you may have guessed she kicked us out. We felt hurt.

Next...Breech was kicked out of Beck at The Wilshire. Once again, we had just about set up, when a young man in a hooded sweat shirt & gold chains asked if he could talk to me for a moment. Once off to the side, he flashed me his badge saying "Officer Garcia, Beverly Hills Police Dept. -Where's your permit?" No Slack. It was over to the Les Claypool show at The El Rey for us. Perhaps if the City of Beverly Hills spent more on their Police Dept. & less on landscaping, Officer Garcia would have a uniform and not a hooded sweat shirt.

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