John Doe of X

It's confirmed, John Doe of "X" (& The Knitters) gives Breech Bakes Sales the high five! After The Knitters show at The El Rey Theater a few weeks ago, Doe sauntered out to greet Breech & to congratulate us on our baking success. He raved about our pumpkin bread & added that Xene simply loved our pear custard torte! He even remembered Bad Milk Joe's famous oatmeal surprise cookies from The House Of Blues "X' Bake Sale. Before walking away he added "I think Breech Bake Sales are the coolest." He then attempted to high five Missy, who awkwardly froze in place in the presence of such rock-and-roll greatness. The only words that could escape her lips were "Thank you Joe Doe." Sadly, She failed to offer him a free glass of milk.

So---word on the street is that certain members of The Cult pronounced Breech Bake Sales to be "stupid". All we can say is that John Doe cares to differ. Who is cooler??- You decide.

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