Breech Fan in Hiding

Seems Breech is loosing fans amidst all their Bake Sale hype due to the careless throwing of baked goods at their unsuspecting audience. Missy was recently approached at a show by a nervous young man who confessed he had to lie to his girlfriend in order to attend the Breech show. The last time he saw Breech, Missy hit his girlfriend in the head with some of Bad Milk Joe's famous Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. There's just so much love & excitement that goes into our Breech Baked Goods that we just want to share them & often toss out a couple of "day olds" into the crowd. When her boyfriend suggested he wanted to purchase a Breech CD before they left, she threatened Breaking up with the young man. From that moment forth she cursed Missy & vowed never to see Breech again! Even the woman who got hit in the thigh with a can of potted meat at our Breech holiday extravaganza was a better sport than she. Needless to say the young man did buy our Breech CD this time around, but admits he will have to hide it from his girlfriend.

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