Burglar Style

On Wednesday, August 1st we had our 1st Breech burglar style Bake Sale, for The String Cheese Incident concert. Yep, that's right Bad Milk Joe, Danny Champagne, me & our lovely & fearless friend, Lara, threw on our Burglar gear & bright white Breech aprons & headed for The Greek Theater with baskets of home baked goodies. Despite our intimidating black cloaked appearance, we were asked by a group of young hippies selling beer from a cooler if we were born again Christians.

All was going well, when a few kids selling marijuana laced goodies decided to cut in on our business & set up shop right next door. They even tried to trade baked goods with us. You have no idea what bullies lurk in the wooded depths surrounding The Greek Theater late at night.

In conclusion we found that starving, rabid, skinny dogs do not care for our pumpkin Bread. At least we can feel good about the fact that John Doe still endorses it.

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