David Byrne

On Monday, August 6th we had a Breech Bake Sale outside The Palace, following the David Byrne show. There we were long after the concert had ended, desperately attempting to put together a box of Breech Baked Goods for David Byrne. As we diligently worked, a man sashayed over to our table to ask what we were doing. We looked up & there was DAVID BYRNE, suddenly appearing as if an apparition before our very eyes. I tried to maintain my cool but was completely star struck. I did manage a few swift words- "may I shake your hand Mister David Byrne- this box of baked goods is for you." He seemed deeply touched & with a twinkle in his eye, gingerly picked up the box, offering to share with his surrounding entourage. We also gave him both of our Breech CDs, which he put in his very own bag. The man was kind, gracious & even humble. We watched him throw his guitar into the back of a silver compact sedan & drive away . . . alone into the night.

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