Highlights from The Radiohead/Hollywood Bowl

It all started out so easy... almost too good to be true. We arrived for our Breech Bake Sale a bit tentative about setting up but soon realized that no one seemed to care, as we took over a lonely bench about 100 yards from the bratwurst stand. One of our 1st customers of the night, knew who we were right away, from the recent Music Biz Bake sale article (Thanx Tom!). We felt confident, cocky, ready for anything. There's nothing quite like being recognized at The Hollywood bowl-being defined by what really matters-our Breech Baked Goods. Our lives would be forever changed.

We could hear Radiohead & it sounded quite good. The night was young when we spied HANSON & their young entourage walking blindly toward our baked goods. We smiled at them reaching out to touch the slightest fiber of their youth-but to no avail. Tay has traded in his long girlish locks for a shorter, smarter more mature hair style. He sported a red leather jacket which seemed to match his rosy cheeks (acne)? Zach was missing & Ike was well...not very memorable. The older, less attractive brother you could say. In fact, I dare say that if he were not a "Hanson" he would not be in this band, or any other for that matter. The Hanson brothers however, were not very friendly with us. I think perhaps they were frightened by our vigor & maturity. One could say that our Breech Bake Sale was actually scoffed at by Hanson & that hurt to the core! Bad Milk Joe & Hal speculated that the boys were just tired from walking up the big hill, but I think they just said that to hide their pain. Perhaps if we had offered Hanson some Hawaiian punch, things may have turned out very differently.

Shortly after our Hanson heartbreak, security forced us to break down our Bake Sale & to move to another area. Apparently, the bratwurst sales had gone down tremendously in the 1st hour we were there, so we were shown no mercy. We kept our heads high though & proceeded to sell all but 4 breads by the end of the night. The fact that we weren't able to GIVE away Breech baked goods to a homeless person, probably doesn't bode well for us-but interesting nonetheless. Despite our night of hardship, our Radiohead Breech Bake Sale proved to be our most successful yet!

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