Paddy's Pig releases a new cd, "Do Your Worst", on May 21, 2011. Get it here. For more info on Paddy's Pig click here.

Mike Flanagan (Breech, Nellie Bly, Paddy's Pig) has released his new full-length solo cd, "In The Distance Between", available now at the Breech store.

Missy Gibson from Nellie Bly, Breech, and Paddy's Pig (yes, she is in three bands!) on this week's Momz Rock the House Show streaming live today (4/10) from 6-7pm PST on www.kbpk-fm.com and also on www.momzrockthehouse.com. She'll talk about life in three bands (unbelievable!), her days singing opera and then punk, launching her new resale kids store in LA (growkidgrow.com), and juggling it all with a four year old and weekly gigs.

Songs from "Tarnish and Undress" will be featured on www.offthechartradio.co.uk this Saturday November 15th 2008 Between 12.00 - 2.00 pm (GMT) so tune in!

Mike & Missy played on KUCI's MOMZ ROCK THE HOUSE, hosted by the very cool Janeane Bernstein. Check us out at www.momzrockthehouse.com site in the slide show and also on my space.

Del at Americana UK just reviewed "Tarnish and Undress"- check it out!

The reviews are still trickling in for Breech's latest CD "Tarnish and Undress". Here's the latest!

Look here to see an interview by Jen Corday with Missy.

Check out an interview with Missy by Jen Corday

The very cool Lord Litter is playing Breech's "Tarnish And Undress".

Don Campau is playing "Grounded" from "Tarnish and Undress" on his show No Pigeonholes produced by Radio Marabu, Europe's leading alternative station. Go to their site for more details: This show will be broadcast through Europe during July 2008. Thanx Don!! Listen to the show now at: http://doncampau.podomatic.com/

Frank from www.luver.com played "Tarnish & Undress" in it's entirety and it is now in luver's mix, so BREECH is often being heard on luver! Check it out!

DJ Octoon from UCLA's "I'm in a Band" - The BEST in Unsigned Music will play BREECH only if we continue to be requested, so PLEASE help us out by listening and requesting Breech at 310-825-9999 on Sundays 8-10 PM (Pacific).

Thanx to Andy at The Biggest Letdown. Check out his site and this review!

Thank you to Rob at React Radio for spinning "Keeper of The Key". Keep on requesting us!

"Tarnish and Undress" has just been added to Laney's Femfrequency Podcast. Check it out & Thanx Laney!!

BREECH had some music in a short film "IN MEMORY OF ME" which premieres on LOGO (In LA-it's Time Warner Channel 146) on Wed., April 23rd at 10PM (eastern and pacific). We could totally use your support in voting for it after it screens . . . so anytime after April 23rd you can just go online and cast a vote. Thanx for your help!

Breech is now being featured on showcaseyourmusic.com. Check it out! We could use your help! You can vote for us and or post a comment.

As many of you know, Mike and Missy have spent the last couple of years working on writing music for a musical written by our very dear and talented friend, writer/theater critic, Jeff Favre. Well, we're nearly finished and "The Next Big Thing" opens in LA on Saturday, July 19th and is booked for a 5-week run. Incidentally, Missy will be in the show too. Click here for tickets Use promo code MISSY or promo code MIKE and get $7.50 off your ticket price.

Skys at IndieShowcase has been playing "Tarnish and Undress" at www.awesomeradio.net. Check it out!

Thanx Tim for the Review! Daggerzine rules!

Our pals, at Ape Quake have been kind enough to put the "Breech Undressed" DVD up on Utube in 2 parts. This short rockumentary was made by film maker, Barrett Tripp about the making of "Tarnish and Undress" and had it's premier at the "Tarnish and Undress" Cd Release party back in October '07. Check it out if you haven't already!

Tarnish and Undress PART ONE
Tarnish and Undress PART TWO

We just caught wind that NAB radio has the "Tarnish And Undress" CD on their playlist.

Thanx to Jaime Gonzalez for the swell blog review on myspace. Check out his band as well, London Stop Light.

lastfm.com is also featuring Breech.

BREECH has been nominated by the Orange County Music Awards for best indie rock band!! We're honored. Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on Sat. March 29th at The Grove in Anaheim. Tix are available to attend this gala event!

Thank you to Deb of indietude.com. She's just reviewed "Tarnish and Undress", so read all about it here.

missygibson.com just launched. It's basically a site for Missy's commercial singing and voiceover work, if you'd like to take a gander, please do! Thanx to Joe Lawless who is available for web design if need be. Contact him at: joelawless@hotmail.com.

Thanx to John Brougher and freelance-radio.com for choosing "Keeper Of The Key" for the featured song of episode 9.

Thank you to All Indie Radio for featuring Breech!

Thanx to Rob at Leicesterbangs in the UK for the great review. Check it out!

DJ Kathy from Paradizeradio is playing Breech! Check it out at www.paradizeradio.com

WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! It looks like KCRW is finally playing "Tarnish and Undress" Nic Harcourt just played "Saboteur" on Morning Becomes Eclectic yesterday morning. If that makes you as happy as it makes us, PLEASE call the folks at KCRW and tell them so ... and ask them to play MORE Breech! Here's their phone # 310-450-5183. Morning Becomes Eclectic, New Ground, The Open Road, The A Track and Dragnet are all shows we like and each of these DJs have their very own copy of "Tarnish and Undress", so please, by all means, Call away!!

Hey Junkie Jones is talking up the "Schubert Walt" on Indie Junkie. Check it out

Redfizz.com has "published" another Breech song from "Tarnish and Undress"- Schubert Waltz! Folks seem to be enjoying this one a little more. Check out their comments and PLEASE fell free to add your own. Thanx for the support!

Saboteur has been published! Check it out at red fizz - view the feedback and please feel free to add your own. Thanx! We need all the support we can get!

Nicole in British Columbia has been playing Breech's "Tarnish and Undress" on her internet radio station. Thanx!!

ENGAGE Internet Radio has selected the track "Keeper Of The Key" from BREECH's lates release, as a regular spin add to the world famous ENGAGE Internet Radio active play list. Woo- hoo! Thanx Joshua!

BIG NEWS!!! Indie-Music.com has chosen Breech's "Tarnish and Undress" as one of the Top 25 Indie Releases of 2007. We're very honored!

Hey- Thanx to Izzy at Burning Angel for reviewing our CD. Apparently it wasn't his "cup of tea" so to speak, but at least he took the time. Check it out if you like, he's really pretty funny!

Deano at Overground radio has been playing "Tarnish and Undress" Check it out!

So, there is a Lithuanian webzine called muzik.alutis.LT. They decided to include Billy Sheppard's review of "Tarnish and Undress" on their site. If you haven't already read that review, you can check it out here and brush up on your Lithuanian as well.

We're honored to be reviewed by Collectedsounds.com ... actually 2 of their writers were kind enough to review "tarnish and Undress" Check it out! Thanx to both Amy and Anna Maria!

Thanx to James for including us on 4spotlight.com

Tarnish and Undress has been getting some airplay on Awesome Radio/ IndiShowcase (DJ - Skys). Check it out and thanx Skys!

Breech is a Spotlight artist over at Mohawkradio.com! Thanx Rich!

Thanx Sean for giving us some airplay on KNYO radio!

"Tarnish and Undress" is now available at itunes as well. Cheap! Send us a check for $5 or more, just for yuks if you want to help make up for what Apple steals from us! Or... make sure you get a copy complete with artwork and liner notes from breech.net!

Check out our latest review in WEST COAST PERFORMER Magazine! Thanx to Katherine and Yvonne!

Grave Concerns eZine has a new review! Thanx to Julie and Matthew!

We have tons of thanks for our CD release party. For those of you who missed out, never fear, let us take this moment to introduce you to some of the participants:

Barrett Tripp, director of the "Breech Undressed" Rockumentary, premiered his fine film! Denise from Alegria served up some most delicious vittles! Val Esway and El Mirage played some amazing music! Jeff Favre made an excellent MC! Vincent Wolf and The Devil's Plaything - were KILLER! Carol Powell, our favorite artist, who's art adorns the cover of our new CD, displayed some beautiful art! Here's the other SUPER cool thing - you may not know this but you may actually buy the BREECH "Tarnish and Undress" painting!! Is is for sale for a mere $500 and it is STUNNING to be sure!

Thanks everyone for a great CD release party. Thought you might like to check out a review of the evening. Thanx to Billy Sheppard!

Jude Lemrow of GloriousNoise out of Chicago recently paid us a visit in LA to interview us about "Tarnish and Undress" That interview is now available. Thank you Jude!

Gator Broadcasting is now featuring "Tarnish and Undress" by BREECH at their site. Thanx Scott!

A review of Tarnish and Undress is now up on the Music Channel at BuddyHollywood.com. Here's the direct link. Thank you Mike!

Breech and "Tarnish and Undress" are being featured at www.juniorscave.com

www.gotradio.com will be spinning a couple tracks this (9-28-07) week for Breech in their Indie Rock channel. So listen in and let em' know you like what you hear! Thanx Val!

WDYN Is Playing "Tarnish And Undress" DJs are in the studio 9 to 5, Mon - Sat, Eastern US time. If you send an e-mail to wdyn@wdyn.net during that time they will try to play BREECH right away. Just ask!

Hey "Tarnish and Undress" has been reviewed by Malibu Arts Reviews Magazine. Thanx Billy Sheppard!

Also a feature review on the new Breech album "Tarnish and Undress" is now available on Apequake! Also it's your first opportunity to view the new "making of" documentary short film BREECH UNDRESSED by director Barrett Tripp. The link for this week (including our video) . . . our permanent page . . . thanks to Adam for making this happen!

9-24/ BREECH is "Pick of the week" at U Rock radio! Check it out.

A few months back we were the "featured artist" for onlinerock.com, you can still read their review. Check it out!

Breech has been selected to be placed in the voting polls at myrecordlabel.net. Now we just ask that you vote for us! Anyone can vote as often as they wish but only once per 24 hour period. Thanx!

Check out this weeks Female Fronted episode of Undiscovered (9/16/07) as we'll be featuring music from Breech and many other great Indie artists. Remember, when an artist is on Undiscovered, they are heard in 6 markets- WBZT in Greenville, SC; WEGW in Wheeling, WV; WHBR in Parkersburg, WV; WAMX in Huntington, WV; KERX in Ft. Smith AR; and WAQX in Syracuse, NY! FOUR of our affiliates stream their signal on-line, so check the affiliates page for airtimes.

We just got word that West Coast Performer Magazine will be reviewing "Tarnish And Undress" in the November issue. We'll keep you posted!

Check out our latest feature for on the Indiesoundz site. You can get to it 2 ways: Off the main page you'll see under 'featured artist' - Tarnish and Undress feature or the direct link Thanx to Dave B!

Also, BREECH is proud to announce that our song "Grounded" from the new CD has been chosen to appear on the latest Gogirls Music compilation CD. We're honored and thrilled - thanx Madalyn!

Check out our latest feature for on the Indiesoundz site. You can get to it 2 ways: Off the main page you'll see under 'featured artist' - Tarnish and Undress feature or the direct link. Thanx to Dave B!

Gogirlsmusic.com has just reviewed "Tarnish & Undress"

Saboteur and Concealed From "Tarnish and Undress" have been added to Cracklin' Radio. See Broadcast Schedule and let Erik know you like hearing BREECH!!

Breech has been added to 440music.com and are currently ranking #8 in popularity. Check it out and cast your vote!

Breech has also been added to windowsmedia.com. Check it out!

iSOUND.COM! has selected "Keeper of the Key" from our new CD to be featured as their Daily Download for Sunday, Aug. 5th. This puts our download on every single page of iSOUND for 24 hours! Thanx isound!! Feel free to check out this site and leave comments for us!

Look Breech just received a review on indie-music.com! Thanx Jennifer and thanx Dan!

Breech is now live on iSOUND.COM! Check it out!

2 songs from "Tarnish & Undress" have been added to the undiscovered radio network for 8/5/07. 3 of the stations stream on-line, so check the website to see air times. For more info check out this link and this link

New review for "Tarnish & Undress" posted by pluginmusic.com

Read a review of "Tarnish & Undress" on Billy Sheppard's "Music Matters" blog on Myspace.com

"Grounded" from "Tarnish & Undress" was recently played on XM Radio's RADAR REPORT. Let Billy Zero know how much you liked hearing it & ask him to work us in again sometime! billyzero@xmradio.com or (202)380-4240.

"Keeper Of The Key" from "Tarnish & Undress" was recently played on KALX UC Berkeley on THE NEXT BIG THING w/ Marshall Stax, Mon 6-7 PM. Thank him for playing it and ask for more at music@kalx.berkeley.edu or 510- 642-5259.

GROUNDED, the opening track from the new Breech album TARNISH & UNDRESS is now available for your aural stimulation at our myspace page.

A review of "Tarnish & Undress" is in the latest issue of DOT Magazine . . . thanks so much for the kind words, JC!!

TARNISH & UNDRESS has been added to the KCRW music library here in Los Angeles (Santa Monica, to be more accurate!) so it sure wouldn't hurt if you called their request line at 310-450-5183 and ask to hear it! New Ground, The Open Road, Morning Becomes Eclectic, The A Track and Dragnet are all shows we like!!

download this flyer to preorder the new Breech album "Tarnish and Undress" and other Breech related items.

3 new albums added to the store. check out mike's heliotrope albums vol II and III and missy's standards album with ed wells.


"Apron Strings" is getting played on this most excellent web show... goodmusic.planetretcon.com ...thanks Wesley.

Announcing the official publication of IndieTude - a new online web-zine. The premier issue can be viewed at indietude.com. Featured artists for the first issue are LP, Missy Gibson, Girlyman and The Indigo Girls.

Breech and Nellie Bly albums now available on iTunes! Fill your mp3 players!

Click here to launch the Nellie Bly self titled album.
Click here to launch Breech's Apron Strings.
Click here to launch the Breech self titled EP.

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Learn how to book Breech in your LIVING ROOM.

So a couple of years ago these 2 fellas approached BREECH to be part of their online musical endeavor. They followed us around & took lots of footage. They were pretty swell and it was fun! Go to their website, canyouhearme.tv, and you can see Breech in action & vote for us ... or something of the sort.

Breech and Nellie Bly get a great blog shout out!

Missy performs in a new Jeff at the House show and her Standards show comes to LA. Visit the show page for more information

Nellie Bly and Breech are profiled right now on gigzter.com. Check it out and vote for us!

Meet Missy's Dog - Chompo - the Cutest One-Eyed Dog EVER!

Visit us at myspace.com.

Nellie Bly almost gets busted on tour of the south. Missy telling the police officer "we're good kids" seems to be good enough to keep it to a warning.

Breech has race car sponsorship through the generous donation of driver Jonny Houlton. Learn more here!!

Can't get enough of Breech. Tired of waiting for them to come to your part of town. We now have the answer!! Book BREECH in your LIVING ROOM.

BREECH would like to Thank radio station Indie 103.1 DJ Mark Sovel for including our song "Apology" on his Sunday Night "Locals" show here in Los Angeles this past Sunday. Feel free to call the station & request BREECH or NELLIE BLY at (877) 4LA-1031. We could use your help on this one!

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We're pleased to announce BREECH and NELLIE BLY are getting air play on Brandi Morgan's 'The Morning Mix' on KPFT Houston 90.1 FM, You can listen in on the web at www.KPFT.org Monday mornings 6-8am Texas time. Thanks Brandi!!

In November of 2003, Envy Records released a full-length CD featuring songs from their favorite female-fronted local bands and solo artists throughout LA and Orange County. BREECH along with lots of great artists is featured on this CD.

The CD is being sold at Venus Envy showcase venues, and at Borders Books & Music stores in Long Beach, CA or go to website & buy online. Profits from CD sales will be donated to Long Beach Memorial Breast Center for cancer research.

Hey Dawson's Creek fans-Now you can create & customize your very own Dawson's Creek Soundtrack CD & guess what? "Thistle" is there for the taking!! Help us feel popular & successful by choosing our song for your customized Dawson's Creek Soundtrack CD today! We hear it's one of Joey's personal favs! www.dawsonscreekcds.com